Pay per Call Marketing

What Is Pay-Per-Call Marketing?

Pay-Per-Call or sometimes referred to as “Click-to-Call” is an effective inbound marketing strategy where advertisers pay publishers for a qualified call. The affiliate will display an ad featuring a unique number for the customer to call that will lead back to the advertiser’s call center. The caller is a prospective customer for the advertiser, and publishers receive higher payouts for delivering calls instead of leads.

Real Customers. Real Conversations. Real Results.

At Revenue Vault, our Pay Per Call campaigns generate hundreds of thousands of calls per month across multiple verticals. Through our extensive affiliate network, owned properties, and internal media team, we filter through sources to find the right opportunities that match your business goals.

Why Pay Per Call?

Why are we so obsessed with calls here at Revenue Vault? Nowadays, everyone has a phone.

The number of people who have a smartphone in their pocket is higher than it has ever been in history – and that worldwide footprint is growing bigger every single day.

In the US alone, 95% of the population already owns a smartphone and by 2020, there will be more than 6 billion people who own a smartphone worldwide.

Those are a lot of potential callers..

Pay Per Call leads have a much higher conversion rate and significantly improve your marketing ROI. When your business takes advantage of Pay Per Call Marketing, you are giving your customers a better opportunity to connect with your brand and talk to real human.

Revenue Vault combines all the benefits of pay-per-call marketing, reporting, analytics, and lead management all in one convenient platform. Stop wasting your time and money on leads and other marketing channels that don’t convert. Our inbound consumer initiated calls connect you with prospects live on the phone who are requesting information. We allow you to buy inbound calls on demand. You decide when to receive calls and how much you want to spend. You are always in full control.

At Revenue Vault, we make your business, our business. We offer our partners unprecedented personal service and constantly refine our proprietary software to suit our clients’ needs.

Revenue Vault’s Call Program is an end-to-end marketing solution that combines industry leading tech, with personal campaign optimization expertise to easily connect you with potential clients and simplify your sales process.

We work with large, national companies like Nationwide Insurance agencies, and the National Debt Relief agencies, as well as call centers, local agents, brokers, salesmen, and small-business owners.

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