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Smart advertisers now grasp the power of pay-per-call advertising and want these highly effective services through every marketing channel that publishers have – online and offline, mobile and beyond. As a publisher, Revenue Vault offers immediate access to large buyer demand in lucrative industry verticals. Join with some of the largest publishers in the industry that use Revenue Vault to monetize their pay per call inventory.

Benefits Of Working With Revenue Vault:

Great Support and Service

Our team consists of pay per call experts that are available to assist you in getting set up to generate revenue fast. We are here to answer your questions and offer suggestions on running our offers. Revenue Vault is not a huge network where you may have issues communicating with your account representative instead, you will be treated as a partner and an extension of our team.

Reputable and hassle free

Our founders have been in the performance media industry for many years and we only work with strong advertisers that Revenue Vault has built long term relationships with over time. our offers are high performing and well tested. We maintain a heavy focus on quality control which allows us to maintain our customer relationships and accept heavy volume. When you maintain solid quality, you can depend on us to accept your call volume and scale.

Fast Integration & Real time reporting

Our technology tracks both calls and leads. Our team can help you with setting up tracking pixels and other api integrations to assist you in scaling. These tools work together perfectly, letting you focus on promoting campaigns and optimizing performance..


One of the main aspects of Revenue Vault business is to ensure that our affiliates send only high quality calls to our advertiser’s offers. This can be done via huge amount of methods. Here are some of methods used by Revenue Vault Compliance Department:

Rigorous affiliate approval process (includes total website analysis, identity check and phone verification)

Performance indicators control (CR, CTR, agent, conversion time…etc.)

We have “zero tolerance” policy against fraud and want to ensure that every affiliate who send confirmed fraud traffic will be immediately suspended from Revenue Vault Network.

How Pay Per Call Works

With pay per call marketing, a buyer pays you on a per call basis to be connected to a caller. Performance marketing can get a little complicated with multiple stakeholders, platforms, networks and others, but generally speaking, pay per call involves three people: the caller, the buyer and you.

Here’s what a simplified call flow looks like:


You place an ad online with your tracking number;


The caller sees your ad and calls the displayed tracking number;


You route the call to the buyer


The buyer receives the call and pays you for it


You track and report on the call

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